Aloo Badam : Spicy dish made of Potato and Peanuts

by Nidhi Paul


Are you tired of having aloo posto and want to try something different? Please try aloo badam to have a different taste altogether. It’s simple, easy and quick to cook as your aloo posto.

Aloo Badam Dish
Aloo Badam Dish

Ingredients & Quantity: – Serving – 4 person 

Preparation – 

Aloo Badam Dish
Stir the mixture of peanut paste and potato
Add peanut paste
Add tomato in the fried potato
Peanut paste
aloo badam Ingredients

Many of you might not prefer peanut thinking that its high in fat. But peanuts have some fats which reduces cardiovascular disease risk. Peanut is the most widely consumed nut and a good source of vitamin E and fiber. So don’t be afraid of having peanut. And we all know that too much of anything is bad. Enjoy it!!