Flipkart : The Indian Amazon ?

by Shweta Mohta


Are you looking for buying the book but have no time go to the  market?Here is the solution of your problem. Purchase the book online and get the discount also.

Flipkart, a Bangalore based startup that has launched an online e-commerce store for buying books.Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal are the  founder of this online books store. They have 3 offices in India. One is at Mumbai, second in Delhi and the last one is in Bengaluru. 

They have more than 1 lakhs books available in different varities and maintaining more than 25 categories of books like history, law, science, children’s book, health&beauty, travel, computers, religious etc.The initial investment of the online book store was Rs.4 lakh.The no. of visitors on website per month is about 6 million.

Flipkar Indian Amazon

If you start analsying their website, it not only deals with Books but also with Mobile Sales, Music and Games. Thought they cannot be compared with site like Amazon but it seems they are inspired a lot from them.

Here, is the revenue generation of the organisation according to the percentage of  book’s subject:

 Follwing are the features which makes them success and popular:

I think this is a good way to  buying the books according to your choice without wasting the times in the market. So what are you waiting for just click and buy the books. Check out FlipKart