Get aware of Juvenile Rights and similar aspects

by Manav Mishra


Delhi Police recently launched their Juvenile justice website, which is an initiative to create awareness on Juvenile Justice Rights.

It can be said that the website is great help in dealing with cases of missing children faster, and at the same time will provide information on all aspects of juvenile justice and rights. This website also has the details about organizations working for juveniles, the laws applicable to them and also has an interactive chartrooms.

Creating Awareness on Juvenile Rights DPJJU
Creating Awareness on Juvenile Rights DPJJU

Browsing this website is a good way to educate yourself on Juvenile Rights, there is a lot of information about the same. You can also raise a voice against a crime, by reporting it through this website.

Here is the list of objectives  (as given on the website) –

Go ahead and visit Delhi Police Juvenile Justice Unit (DPJJU) Website, and let us hope a website on same lines for every state in India.