Hands on Guide: Trip to Srinagar Part 1


Srinagar is said to be heaven not only because of the beauty it holds but also because of the culture, weather and the people living there.

Around 2 years back Ashish and I  went to the memorable trip to Srinagar and I wrote everything down as we were on the tour.  Since Technospot.In is launched I take this opportunity to give you a hand on guide of our beautiful trip.


Srinagar Trip : At a Glance:

Accommodation @ Srinagar Trip :

Depending on your budget and number of people in the group, you can either go for House Boat or take a room in any of the hotel.

House boats:

Hotels :

Decide this after looking the travel plan below.

Travel Plan  for Srinagar Trip

Srinagar trip : Overview
Srinagar trip : Overview

You will need to hire a cab depending on how many people you are.  Best would be to talk to the hotel you stay in. They always have set of drivers who can take and don’t forget to bargain. We paid like 6K for 3 days for going to Sonamrg, Gulmarg and Pahalgam in Omni for 2 people.

Also make sure you start early like by 8 or 9 am. Each day travel time is like 6 to 8 hours return trip. OS if you a really want to spend time there start early else you will miss everything once evening starts falling.

Srinagar to sonmarg
Srinagar to Sonmarg
Srinagar to Pahalgam Gulmarg
Srinagar to Pahalgam Gulmarg

Preparation plan for Srinagar Trip

Seeing the above plan you might think that the plan is tiring but trust us there is nothing much to do in Srinagar except to walk around the pavements of Dal lake and some shopping. It’s best to move out and enjoy the beauty of wild, breath in the fresh air and enjoy with friends and family.

In the next post we would start sharing our experience to all these places in detail and what you should not miss.  Don’t miss the next post on this series which are listed below.