Harley Davidson launching Fatboy Model in Tri Colour and 11 more in India

This is a good news for Bike Lovers who always keep on modifying their bakes to get what Harley Davidson bikes are already.This June Harley Davidson is going to arrive in India with 12 models available in the range of 6.95 lakhs to 34.95 Lakhs. They have even plan to tie with ICICI to offer finance.

Catching facts :

Here is how the FatBoy model in Tri Colour looks like in Delhi’s Auto Show

Harley Davidson Fatboy in Tri Colour
Harley Davidson Fatboy in Tri Colour

When this get launched I am pretty sure we would see these bikes little more often. Though it is out of reach from most segment of Indians but since its available right in India we can see it getting sold in better percentage.

Via Telegraph, Hindi Business News and WSJ ( Photo)