How to check if your mobile IMEI number is valid and get a valid IMEI if not

There is a buzz going around that your handset or mobile phone might just stop working if you dont have a valid IMEI number and this will go effective after 30th November 2009. DOT ( Department of Telecom ) has asked tu put a ban on mobile handsets which doesnt have a valid International Mobile equipment Identity or IMEI ( either they dont have and have all Zero) You can read the complete details here on this official pdf ( dated 6th October 2008 where DOT has shoed their concern regarding this ) of which I am putting the snapshots below.

DOt IMEI Issue
DOt IMEI Issue

So how do you check if your IMEI is valid ? Here are the steps :

DOT imei check
DOT imei check

This is important to verify that apart from SIM being checked a person doesnt have an unregistered phone number either. This is important for security person which you have already guessed. So go ahead and check if your IMEI is valid or not.

What to do if you get an Invalid IMEI message ?

You can contact your service provider to nearest center or any Genuine IMEI Implant center which can help you in getting a valid IMEI number for your handset.  There is a small fee of 199 Rs of which you get a receipt. You will also need  any government approved photo proof for this procedure.

Source : Sanmarg News paper