How to complain CBI about Central government corruption

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CBI Complains Yesterday I got an SMS from CBI, which is distributed to all Kolkata users and it says :

If any Central Govt emp demands money 4any official work,pls complain to SP,CBI,ACB,Kol on 9051613440 & 033-22894404.Pls vst CBI website 4 dtls

Thats it so now if you have any grievances against any Central Government Employee just post a complain at this number and I hope it will help you out in someway.

CBI is running a campaign where they have asked public to post their complains by finding the information in their contact page. You can see the details here.

  • The CBI welcomes your suggestions and look forward to interacting with you through this site.
  • The CBI welcomes  information relating to corruption in Central Government departments and Central Public Sector Undertakings. The Website can be used to pass on the information.
    The identity of the informants can be kept secret, if they so desire.
  • Every State in India has at least one CBI office headed by a Superintendent of Police, where a signed complaint can be lodged. The complaint can be sent by post, fax or in person.
  • Did you also receive the SMS ?

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