How to take care of your skin in this Winter

by Shweta Mohta


Today, everyone whether men or women all  are very conscious about their beauty, skin, health etc.  All wants to be look good and feel good. Today,  we will discuss about the skin care.Every one has a different type of skin some have dry skin while other have oily skin, but for all the care of skin is must.However,  we can take care of our skin through simple home remedies.We don’t need too much time for our skin care, it can be done through our daily routine.  I personally believe that by using home remedies one can experience a glowing, hydrated and rejuvenated skin.

Types of skin: There are few tips of skin care according to the type of skin.

For oily skin:

Winter Care

Oily skin require special care as every time to have to hold a tissue in your hands and removing extra oils from your face. I remember one of my aunt having oily skin and she has the same problem as prone to pimples, spots and even blackheads.Here are the home remedies that you can use for oily skin.

For Dry skin:

Dryskin becomes very bad in winter.I have the dry skin and have a lots of problem during the time of winter such as cracks on the skin, feeling skin dryness every time even after applying good cream. So some home remedies for dry skin as I also use it:

For Normal skin:

These are the best home remedies that you can found in your home only for your skin care.

So what are you waiting for?Just take advantage of the home remedies as the winter is coming and your skin need special attention. What do you think about you skin? What type of Skin you have?