Meal Tree : Online food ordering made easy


If you are based in Mumbai and Pune, Meal tree is a perfect answer if you would like to get home delivery of food from well known and the most common restraunts in the city with a discount offer ranging from 10 to 15 % on bill and food.  So in short stop waisitng money on phone and find menus etc [ which doesnt even get you the complete list ] and order it online.

Meal  Tree : Ordering Food online made easy
Meal Tree : Ordering Food online made easy

Features of Meal Tree ( and reasons why you would love it )

Meal Tree was launched in 2007 by entrepreneurs Ambrish, Ashish and Anuj, is Mumbai’s first online food delivery company. I hope this service grows further into diferent cities and more people get benifited out of it.  Good Luck and find more about Meal Tree.