Mobile Based Remote Control for Agriculture Pumps


India still being an agriculture based country  does not have enough support to help farmers to increase production. Though government is doing their best, it might just take some more time. One of the most common problem a farmer faces is regulating their pump in the farms and at times of rain or any inappropriate conditions, it becomes difficult for farmers to shut down the pumps. What if they cannot shutdown the pump ? That is  completely another chapter.

Problems faced by farmers in India

NanoGanesh is simple yet advance solution for farmers in above mentioned conditions. This mechanism helps farmers to remotely shutdown or start the pumps using the mobile or telephone service. Both mobile and landline services are in ample in most of the villages in India, specifically the mobile has made huge penetration in rural india because of lower cost.

Nano Ganesh Technology

Using this technology farmers don’t have to visit the farms physically and worry about damage that could have been made by over watering of fields or extra electricity bills. Here are complete details which you can find here also.

With the help of Nano Ganesh Mobile Modem :

Operation :

A Nano Ganesh Instument is connected to the existing starter. A farmer has to simply dial a number dedicated for a Nano Ganesh set and then punch his on or off code for the control of the pump set. It can be connected to any existing electrical starter and motor pumps. Hence, there is no necessity of replacing the pumping set. For higher H.P pumps, it can be connected along with the protection systems.

Features :

NanoGanesh is a product of  Ossian Agro Automation, a company working in the field of rural automation, since last 15 years..