Mobile Number Portability in India: Do we really need it?


Much awaited Mobile Number Portability (MNP) facility has finally made the debut in Haryana, and will be now available all over India on January 20, 2011. Follow these steps to use MNP and switch your mobile operator

Implementation of MNP has been done on zonal basis, i.e. the country has been divided in two zones :

Mobile Number Portability clearing house administrator (MCHA) Licensee for –

Mobile Number Portability in India Useful or hyped and useless

MNP switching is not going to cost you much also TRAI has asked not to charge high for the SMS sent for MNP. | In case you dont get porting code make a complain to DOT here

There were two questions which were constantly there in my mind since I heard about this MNP, which are as follows –

Answer is “Yes, you can”. CDMA to GSM and GSM to CDMA, both types of network transitions are possible.

Answer is “No, you can’t”. MNP facility supports changing the networks within the same circle only.

Thanks to this article by Smt. Vibha Tomar, DGM (ES & IT), BRBRAITT Jabalpur, this cleared both the queries.

Now, what could be the reason for switching to some other networks, reasons could be –

Apart from all this, even for some reason if you want to change your mobile phone number, there are so many simple ways to update your contacts about it, email, social networking site, SMS (almost all the companies has some plans using which you can get loads of free SMS or on a rate as cheap as 1paisa).

Now my concern is – why was MNP needed, if at all we have the resources and we are capable enough to launch such a service which needs so much of arrangements that it was postponed a couple of times, then why don’t we think of something which can really bring some change in telecom sector. It’s like, instead of watching a video from your hard disk, you prefer watching a Video on YouTube just because you have an internet connection at your disposal.

If you ask me, MNP is not something so worthy as it seems to be, it is something highly hyped and overrated. What do you think? Kindly share your views in comments, and tell us do you find MNP to be something really useful?