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Now pay Traffic fine / case payments online in Kolkata

Looks like Kolkata Police has implemented their website very well. Not only they have all the information documented well on their website but they have also implemented Citation Case fee or the Fine through Visa or MasterCard. This frees the fine payer from the hassle of paying the fees and visiting the traffic office to confirm with the slip. Till now payments were made to UCO and UBI banks.

KP Fine Payments

For making fine payments online follow the steps below :

  • Go to Kolkata Traffic Police Official Website : http://www.kolkatatrafficpolice.org/
  • Look for Case Details and Payment menu on the left side menu. It should be on lower side. Click on that. As of now it links to | Since this is an IP address the best is to get here is from the Official Website if it changes.I hope this will get implemented with a proper url sometime later.
  • Select your credit card type.
  • Provide Vehicle Number.
  • Provide Case Number or Engine Number. In case you have lost the case slip you can still pay. ( Good Job here )
  • Your Mobile Number
  • Email ID.
  • Once done that click on the Proceed button and you will be taken to payment gateway for providing card details.
  • Once Payment process is complete, you will acknowledgment details which you should take a print out and keep it in your records.

Online Fine Payment by Kolkata Traffic Police

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  2. Thanks a lot…its really useful..

  3. thanks for bringing up such a good news .. Can it be applicable to Howrah district?

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