Selling Sugarcane Juice is a Good Business for Cane-O-La

by Ashish Mohta


Looks like Selling sugarcane juice is not a bad business at all, specially when there is a reason why you should say no to cold drinks and Pepsi has an active program which is asking people to go for Low Calorie. Cane-O-La is a Sugarcane Juice Selling company, in Bangalore,  started by G.Srinivas Rao which branded the sugarcane juice for the first time in India.

SugarCane Juice
SugarCane Juice

17 outlets in Bangalore where sugarcane juice is prepared right at the spot. Surprised, I was too.In India we aren’t used to buy Nimbu Pani or Sugarcane Juice packed. traditionally we look around for the Ganne Wala ho has his crushing machine on the wheels and gives out a glass of Juice 200 ml in 8 rs, not to mention the ice and water that comes free with it. Cane-O-La gives you pure Sugarcane Juice in 10Rs. This company has

The complete process of Sugarcane Juice Production

The company has networked with farmers paying them like Rs 1800 to 1900 a ton which in turn had given opportunity to get continuous supply. This is then transported to the factory where its is properly cleaned, peeled and sent to all the outlets. The outlets will crush them infornt of you and fresh juice is served without any chemical mix etc. Apart from that the residue is used as fuel to lower costing.

The juice is also served in many flavors including classic plain, mint, ginger, lemonade, pepper, sweet & salt and they do accept party orders. Apart from this they do have option for franchisee if you can follow the company guidelines and start this in your city.