Sexual harassment prevention Bill for women at workplace to be introduced soon

by Manav Mishra


Cases of Sexual harassment at workplace have been increasing at a fast pace in recent times. Keeping this in mind, the government is looking forward to pass a Bill on prevention of sexual harassment of women at workplace.

Sexual Harassment Bill in India

According to Women and Child Development Minister Krishna Tirath, the bill will be introduced in the Monsoon Session of Parliament beginning July 26.

The aim of this Bill is to make sure that the organizations in private sector setup a committee for addressing the grievances of women in sexual harassment cases, failing which will invite heavy penalty and strict actions will be taken. As per the Law this committee will be headed by a Woman.

Summarily, it can be said that the Bill has following features –

However there is a question which is running in my mind right from the moment when I read this news for the first time, why only women? Why not men? Can’t a man be a victim to sexual harassment?

What do you think about this? Do you think it’s enough to make such a law only for woman, isn’t it going to lead to cases where a man can be victimized in spite of not being actually involved in sexual harassment of a woman? Via iGovernment