Silicon Baby Bottles to replace plastic ones

by Nidhi Paul


This is little of India but when I heard that the Sixth largest baby bottle manufacturers are going to stop manufacturing plastic made baby bottles because of a chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) is widely used in plastics, the first thing that struck my mind was we all grew up feeding from that and will you be feeding your baby too ? 

According to The National Toxicology Program, part of the National Institutes of Health, declares that “some concern” of BPA may affect the brain and behavioral development of fetuses, infants and young children. Heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer and liver abnormalities are also few of the diseases from BPA chemical.

following this Prince Lionheart promises to give a range of healthy feeding to the parents are producing silicone feeding products free from BPA as well as Phthalates, lead and PVC. Kelly Griffiths, President and CEO of Prince Lionheart certify these products to be “100% safe for babies”.

Silicon baby bottle
Silicon baby bottle

Reading that there is another noticeable habit in India the way we boil the bottles. Boiling baby bottles are always good but make sure you dont boil it too much or melt the plastic when it touches the edge. This is important because if that plastic bottle is already carrying something bad, burnt plastic is already known to cause issue. The best way to boil your baby bottle would be to steam it. Get a bottle steamer which can steam 4 to 6 of these bottles easily.

Here are my tips :

So do you boil baby bottles carefully ?