Simple precautions and tips on cleaning Jewellery at Home

by Shweta Mohta


Here we are in the middle of the festive season; this is the time to take out your glittering jewellery. But years of wear might dull that lustre of your ornaments. Oils, soaps, scums, even skin cells or bits of hair might get stuck between the precious stone setting.   To avoid throwing your favourite pieces in the garbage after only a short while, proper care is the key. 

Consider the following tips to ensuring a long and loving relationship with your jewellery.

How to clean :

You will need a small bowl, detergent, soft toothpaste, a wooden toothpick, a soft cloth. Never clean your jewellery directly in the sink. It is better to soak ornament in a small bowl of detergent for a short while before cleaning with a soft brush.

Cleaning Jewellary