Simran : Live Status for Running Indian Trains ( SMS & Website )

by Ashish Mohta


Though it has been always possible to check any train running status in India from a long time but there is always a small delay in status update of where the train is. The only drawback of this was if it takes you at least an hour or more than that by the time you reach station the train is possibly delayed and you need to hold back at the station for quite sometime. It happened with me yesterday when Kalka was late and it was only updated after we left.

Keeping this in mind, Simran ( Real Time Train Running Information ) or RTTRI is a brand new and very appreciative effort from IIT Kanpur and Indian Railways which helps you see the current status of Indian Trains live.  As of now you can see selected trains (12003, 12004, 12301, 12302, 12305, 12306, 12313, 12314, 12951, 12952, 12953, 12954) live status only.

The only drawback that you need to refresh this page every time you want fresh data. I am surprised why it is not ajax or Auto Refreshed.

What you can see and track :

Real Time Train Running Status

Find Live Train Status by SMS :

If you do not have access to internet, you can find the current status by sending an SMS to 09415213409 or 09415213493 as “T <Train No>”  and You will get a reply in format  “On Train Near < Station Name > from , is < Train Status > info : IITK / RDSO”

Train Status via SMS

What else is there ?

Simaran Train Station Details