How to make Spicy Banana Stem (Thod-er) Dish

by Nidhi Paul


Banana Tree not only gives you useful banana but most of the part of banana tree is edible. Today we would take up the inner stem of banana which is very rich in fiber. The dish is called as Thoder  Dish which is basically a rich fibrous and spicy dish and definitely goes well with Rice.

This banana stem can be found in market easily and it looks like a off white thick stick. Here is a snapshot which I took when I was in the market :

banana inner stem

Ingredients & Quantity: – Serving – 4 person

How to prepare Thod-er Dish ?

banana inner stem
Opening banana step
scaling off the stem
Thoder ghonta ingredients
taking out fibers 1
taking out fibers 2
taking out fibers 3
cutting banana stem
how to cut banan stem
mixing banana stem spice
frying with rice and oil
mxing with rice 1
mxing with rice 3
server spicy banana stem

Mom’s Food Tip : – If the banana stem is fresh it will leave some water while cooking. If it is so then you can add less water than normal.

And there you go, A spicy banana dish is ready along with your delicious meal. Enjoy it!!