Videonetics : Making Video surveillance smarter


Keeping in mind the current security situation  where terrorism has grown multi folds, sticking your eyes to a CCTV monitor might not just be enough. Human not only tend to grow tried but also distracted which leads to security breaches.

Videonetics is a Kolkata based company which is coming up with a smarter technology called as Intelligent Video analytics which will be smart enough to understand and differentiate between human objects, fixed objects and how they interact with each other. In their own words :-

Videonetics has a unique algorithm which analyses a video sequence, detects moving objects in a sequence, and classifies humans, non humans and inanimate moving objects in the scene.


In short a bit of Human intelligence is added to Video Surveillance so it can find if something odd is going on which can further be analyzed to trigger an alarm. Kind of security Videonetics can offer :

  1. Unattended Object Identification.
  2. Face Detection
  3. License Plate reader.
  4. Intruder detection
  5. Artifact Protection

and the domains which they cover are

As of now this technology is under testing in many places and if all goes well we might see a better secured streets and less of trouble for residents of India. You can find more details on Videonetics here.