Vodefone’s ZooZoo is back with IPL

by Nidhi Paul

The cute little egg like figures and the brand ambassador of Vodafone is ready to come back again in this IPL from 12th March 2010. For the first time these tiny creatures were seen in the last IPL. And again they will be seen in forests, deserts and even space.

IPL ZooZoo
IPL ZooZoo

ZooZoo is ready to come back with new 29 Adfilms. As per the Vodafone Essar chief marketing Officer Kumar Ramanathan they will be airing only ZooZoo in the IPL coming series for 43days and 60 matches. ZooZoo as earlier will again strengthen the bonding of the customers of Vodafone.

I have been missing ZooZoo and is really excited to see them back. What about you?

BTW, Did you grab the IPL schedule yet ?