Where to lodge your complaints and annoyance to Indian Government

by Ashish Mohta


In India whenever we do feel like complaining either we end up in expressing in words to friends or if there is really something important we try to just get it done someway.

Indian Government do have a portal which is open to public and allows you to lodge your complaints on almost anything  in various departments. The portal is called as Public Grievances which monitors complaints made by public online.  It also gives you a way to track them and remind of your already registered complaints.

Lodge public grievances online

You can find the list of Ministries/Departments/Organisations that are covered and like the footer of this site says :

Public Grievances pertaining to identified issues in respect of 20 Central Government Organisations (for list click here) are being handled by Directorate of Public Grievances (DPG), Cabinet Secretariat. If your Grievance falls under the purview of Directorate of Public Grievances, Cabinet Secretariat, please click here to lodge your Grievance.

Filling complaint box

Though it might take sometime to get reply but this is a good p-lace to start with. In fact you can lodger your complain here and then visit the respective department personally. This satisfies the purpose of Online portal as well as your by visiting the department also.

Also if you are more involved online you can become a Streetanchor, And fight for the issues around you  and help others also.