10 easy steps to practice good hygiene

Good hygieneHygiene is an old concept related to medicine, as well as to personal and professional care practices related to most aspects of living. It generally means the practice that prevent infections, spread of disease causing organism etc. So here are the some steps that helps you to maintain your hygiene.

  1. Kitchen is the place from where most germ spread in the house. The kitchen sponge which is generally used in most of the Indian kitchen is one of the thing which is likely to be spread germs. Keep your sponge and dishrags dry and clean, clean utensil before you turn in for the night, remove all trace of food on them,was the sink of kitchen with good antibacterial soap etc.
  2. For eating any fruits or vegetables  first wash them properly because this is one of the important way of spread germs.
  3. Wash your hand immediatly after handling raw meat. Don’t touch even a single fruit or vegetable before hand wash as it might spread infection.Use only running water to wash them.
  4. Wear suitable head covering while cooking or tie up your hair properly. Never use comb in the kitchen while cooking the food.
  5. While coughing or sneezing always use tissue and throw the tissue immediately.Dispose the used tissue promptly and wash your hand again.
  6. Change your underclothes as often as possible. Try to wash it regularly with antiseptic liquid and dry it in the sun light.
  7. To improve your home’s air quality, open windows to let in fresh air. Install exhaust vent in the kitchen and bathrooms.This will help air circulations and keep your space relatively germs free.
  8. Try to wash the toys of the kids regularly with good medicated liquid.
  9. Wash your feet thoroughly at least once a day and dry care fully, especially between the toes where most of the bacteria collect.
  10. Carpet are a heaven for dust and micro organism. In hot, humid climates, it’s best to switch to hardy cottons durries on hard woods floors.

Last but not least, these are the are points that are very easy and  will helps you to keep you healthy and hygiene.


  1. Article on prophylactic actions are always welcome to maintain better health. Thank You. My daughter of 11 years afflicted with tape worm presence in the brain had a seizure. A marathon running from hospital to hospital diagnosed the ailment and she is under medication to last for uninterrupted two years. This article is an eyeopener for those who care less for health practices. I welcome such articles.


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