11 Smoke Testing Hubs Stands Illegal

11 smoke testing centers in Kolkata have been declared illegal by the West Bengal Pollution Control Board. Every vehicle must have Pollution under Control (PUC) certificate from the certified places recommended by the West Bengal Pollution Control Board. Recently 11 centers have been fine of Rs 25,000 each by the state control pollution because of inadequate infrastructure to give PUC certificates to the vehicles.


Instruments like web cameras, sensors, four gas analysers and smoke density meters were all non-functional. The license of theses 11 centers stands cancel with immediate effect. The West Bengal Pollution Control Board has taken a good initiative by recognizing the flaw in these smoke testing centers as it would have been impossible for a common man to know the faulty process. 

So be careful when you go to have PSU certificate for your vehicle.  Keep a note of the list of illegal 11 testing centers for your future reference. 

  • Anderson Auto Service, Belvedere Road
  • Car Corner, Raja Rammohan Sarani
  • Auto Emission Testing  Centre, Kalikapur
  • Bharat Motor, JC Block, Salt Lake
  • Auto Emission Testing Centre, Stadel Gate. Salt Lake
  • Salt Lake Auto Emission Testing Centre, DL Block,Salt Lake
  • Salt Lake Service Station. DD Block. Salt Lake
  • Auto Emission Testing Centre, Lake Town
  • Dwaraka Service Station, RBC Road (Dum Dum)
  • Paul Choudhury Enterprise, lìtagarh
  • Barrackpore Auto Service, Chiriamare

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