25+ Facts About India (Trade and Technology)

India is a rich country when it comes to its achievements and other traits such has trade and technoslogy, here I have collected some facts about India, in terms of Industries, Trade and Technology  –

  1. India has the largest movie industry in the world, terms of ticket sales and number of films produced.
  2. Bharat Forge has the world’s largest single-location forging facility; its clients include Honda, Toyota and Volvo amongst others.
  3. India is the 2nd largest tractor manufacturer (TAFE) in the world.
  4. Tata Nano is the cheapest car in the world at USD 2200.
  5. India is being recognized as potential emerging auto market.
  6. Foreign players are adding to their investments in Indian auto industry.
  7. Within two-wheelers, motorcycles contribute 80% of the segment size.
  8. Unlike the USA, the Indian passenger vehicle market is dominated by cars (79%).
  9. Tata Motors dominates over 60% of the Indian commercial vehicle market.
  10. 2/3rd of auto component production is consumed directly by OEMs.
  11. India is the largest three-wheeler market in the world.
  12. India is the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the world.
  13. India is the second largest tractor manufacturer in the world.
  14. India is the fifth largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in the world.
  15. The number one global motorcycle manufacturer is in India.
  16. India is the fourth largest car market in Asia – recently crossed the 1 million mark. (Via Indian Automobiles)
  17. Aston Martin contracted prototyping its latest luxury sports car, AM V8 Vantage, to an Indian-based designer and is set to produce the cheapest Aston Martin ever.
  18. Suzuki, which makes Maruti in India has decided to make India its manufacturing, export and research hub outside Japan.
  19. Hyundai India is set to become the global small car hub for the Korean giant and will produce 25k Santros to start with.
  20. 80 of the World’s 117 SEI CMM Level-5 companies are based in India.
  21. 5 Indian companies recently received the globally acclaimed Deming prize.  This prize is given to an organization for rigorous total quality management (TQM) practices.
  22. World-renowned TQM expert Yasutoshi Washio predicts that Indian manufacturing quality will overtake that of Japan in 2013.
  23. Flextronics, the $14 billion global major in Electronic Manufacturing Services, has announced that it will make India a global competence centre for telecom software development.
  24. India is one of the world’s largest diamond cutting and polishing centers, its exports were worth $6 Billion in 1999.
  25. About 9 out of 10 diamond stones sold anywhere in the world, pass through India.
  26. Garment exports are expected to increase from the current level of $6 billion to $25 billion by 2010.
  27. Ranbaxy, the largest Indian pharmaceutical company, gets 70% of its $1 billion revenue from overseas operations and 40% from USA. (Via THE SANGAM FOUNDATION)
  28. India is among six countries that launch satellites and do so even for Germany, Belgium, South Korea, Singapore and EU countries.
  29. The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is among the top three universities from which McKinsey & Company, the world’s biggest consulting firm, hires most Indians abroad.

I have planned to collect more and more facts about India, and will be posting more facts in this series, Keep Wathcing.

Though the facts mentioned here are collected from several sources, but if you think any of these facts needs an edit, please mention in the comments with the citation of URL link (for reference), so that we can edit it.

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