About Kriti Baldawa Rathi

The cultural traditions and Antique textiles of my hometown, Kolkata, have always inspired me. I firmly believe that clothes should be an extension of an individual’s understanding.


Fashion includes unusual fabrics, texturing, detailing, and a fusion of styles with gorgeous embellishments. I like to use a vibrant color palette to give the feeling of returning to the prehistoric and medieval ages. All products of my label “BRIJ” are exclusively hand-crafted by skilled artisans of India, and minor variations in the pattern are proof of their authenticity. While designing, It becomes essential to focus on feasibility and simplicity.

Art and Craft have been my hobby since I was a child. Fashion became an interest gradually, and I was determined to let my mind free in this field. After completing my schooling at La Martiniere, Kolkata, I joined NIFT, Kolkata, to pursue my graduation in the field I loved- fashion. I specialized in Knitwear Design, but as all these fields of art are co-related, I did not let anything restrict my desires. Working on graphics, painting, doodling, and designing are the things I do all day to keep myself occupied. My label Brij was launched in October in Chennai, which keeps me occupied most of the time now.

I am Kriti Baldawa Rathi, a person who loves to go wild with her imagination, which enables my heart to express its feeling.