About Saurabh Saini

Hi everybody, I am Saurabh Saini. I like to call myself An AWAKENED FILM ACTIVIST. Movies are my life. Once, a friend asked me what I would do if locked in a room for ten years. Well, I would watch movies and write screenplays, I guess.

My fascination for movies began at the very early age of 4. I remember watching C.I.D ( strictly the movie, not the serial) starring Dev Anand. I instantly fell in love with the magic translated on the Silver Screen.

What fascinates me the most is how comfortably the filmmakers create a Universe of their etching some of the most important human emotions and every shade of life in a very innovative and exciting way.

My prime objective in this blog would be to share that passion for Cinema with the readers and introduce them to this unbelievable and Strong medium of Movies.

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