Addtional Password required to use Credit Card over Telephone or Mobile

According to recent update in RBI guidelines and as notified by my bank, All Credit card holders will need to have an additional password that will be prompted when using over Telephone or Mobile for example when you pay your mobile bill on any telecom’s IVR system. This security feature is coined as IVR 3D Secure and is effective from 1st January 2011.

IVR 3D Secure

How to get this One Time Password ?

The process is similar to how credit card net security was implemented. You can either call customer care or when you do it for the first time it will automatically ask you to create one using your email id or mobile number.

How long will this Password will be valid ?

Since this is one time password it will be valid only for next 2 hours from the point of generation and for if you want to use your Credit Card on another IVR you will need to get another password.

How to generate OTP over SMS ?

Note this might differ from bank to bank. For HDFC Bank follow the steps below :

  • Send an SMS ‘PWD 1234’ to 9717465555 from your registered (with Bank) mobile number (Note: 1234 are the last 4 digits of your HDFC Bank Credit Card number)
  • You will receive the password on your mobile phone.

This is very handy when you are on the move and there is no time call the customer care. Make sure you have it before you do any transaction or just use it and you will be prompted. Just make sure to talk to your bank once. Highly Recommended.


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