An aggregator to keep you updated about offers on local stores

Probably we all are keen to know about the Discounts, Deals and Special Offers which are being offered on Local Stores. Let it be Electronic Items, Furniture, Home Appliances, Cars and Bikes, everything we need in our day to day life, we tend to seek some discounts and offers before buying them. is a Pune based startup, and the sole aim of this online service is “Aggregating and Delivering the offers in your city to you”.

They don’t sell any service or product; they just bring the news about best offers to you, free of cost.

All you need to do is sign-up with them to get free weekly update about offers delivered in your inbox.

Get the updates on best deals and offers near you in your inbox

Also if you want you can go to their official website and search for the offers based upon the type of product you are looking for. For the sake of convenience they have created the categories, which allow a quick browsing for the offers.

Category view of Products to browse through the offers available in your city

If you are interested in getting a deal for some specific product in bulk, you can use the ‘Demand Offer’ tab, just fill up the form here, specifying the product, number of items you want to buy, and your details like email address etc. Later will look for offers based upon you requirements and contact you.

However, as of now updates you about the offers in Pune only, but they are looking forward to expand in other cities as well.

Sign up with and stay updated about the deals and offers, this looks like a great way to get your hands on some good deals, moreover it is free, so there is nothing to lose.


If you are often interested in good deals, is also a great way to get some great deals.


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