Aid by the Guwahati Government for Kidney Transplant Patients

The Assam Government will bear the cost of Rs 100000 for the kidney transplantation for the people of the state. The same has been declared in a conference by the Guwahati Health Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sharma in a conference. The same comes into effect w.e.f 1st of May.  

As per the scheme the aid will not be handed to the patient directly. It will be paid to the respective hospital where the patient will be operated. There is an addition benefit here for the patients who have already got the kidney transplanted after 1st of May. They need to produce the hospital bills to avail the aid provided by the state Government. They will be paid via draft within 15 days of the day of application. 

Grate initiative has been taken by the Guwahati Governmen. It will be definitely a help for the patients. 

Curtsey – Assam Times 


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