Tired of Slow Downloads ? Get the Airtel Impatientones Plan

While Telecoms operators are still fighting on for 3G in India,  Bharati Airtel has a plan just right for people who cannot afford to wait longer time to download their important data., impatience Plan is a 4MBPS plan from Airtel which bandwidth cap but very time effective for users who don’t have much usage or have a fixed amount of facts to download every day.

Airtel Impenitence Plan

Airtel Impenitence Plan

For example if you need to download files of 1GB every day you will have to keep your computer on for at least 12Hrs and will have to keep an eye for a successful download but with Airtel’s Impatience Plan you can do it in 4 hrs max which is 12 to 16 times the  speed and worth mentioning the amount of time and electricity you save.

There are 4 schemes available now :

  • 899 : 6GB Cap
  • 1099 : 12Gb Cap
  • 1399 : 25Gb Cap
  • 1799 : 50Gb Cap

Once you exceed your download limit you will get a speed of 256 KBPS for regular surfing.However you should include the service tax to get the last amount.

Overall this is an excellent and fair scheme for internet users who preferably can enjoy both high-speed at almost the same cost. I Pay 1200 Rs for 512 KBPS and getting the new scheme speed is what I am thinking. Pretty Impenitent HUH  ?

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