Airtel users get High Speed Internet for IPL

If you are Airtel Internet subscriber like me and a Cricket Fan who has already printed the schedule, here is a good news for you. Airtel has planned to give all their users 2Mbps speed for watching IPL matches on YouTube on their Offical channel @ Youtube.

Airtel IPL Youtube

Airtel IPL YouTube

How do you apply for  this High Speed Internet ? Nothing, This si automatic upgrade for all Airtel subscribers in India. Though there are few facts you should know :

  • You will get high-speed internet only for watching matches on IPL @ Youtube.
  • The high-speed will be availble till IPL session i.e. from 12th March to 25th April .
  • For my plan data plan is unlimited which is 100Gb and it still applies. So you cant go above 100GB even for unlimited. However since you are falling in between 2 months you actually get 200GB of bandwidth.
  • Also it doesn’t mean you can watch all Youtube videos at this speed.
  • The 2 Mbps bandwidth is not guaranteed all the time and is dependent of traffic. Our endeavor is to offer 2 Mbps on best effort basis
IPL Youtube

IPL Youtube

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