All Students appearing for IIT JEE to get their marks online

Admission to Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is a dream destination of every wannabe engineer. The admission to the IITs is made on the basis of JEE (Joint Entrance Examination), named as IIT JEE.

Earlier, what every IIT JEE aspirant got to know was, if he/she qualified the test or not, if qualified, one was informed about his/her rank in the examination. For last couple of years, the aspirants who qualified the JEE were entitled to know their marks.

However the rules have been changed now, and from now on (i.e. IIT JEE 2011) the students appearing for the ITT JEE will get to know their marks at the time of results declaration. Also the students will get to see the scanned copies of their checked answer scripts. IIT JEE organizing institute will also make the correct answers available on the web within 48 hours of the exam.

ITT JEE marks of every student to be available online

Summarily, the changes are as follows

  • Correct answers to every question will be available within 48 hours of the examination.
  • Every student will be able to see the scanned copies of his/her answer script.
  • Every student will get to know his/her marks.

In my opinion, these changes are great; students can now make out their weakness easily, and prepare for next IIT JEE in a better way. The questions generally asked in IIT JEE are quite tricky ones, even a slight carelessness leads student to a wrong answer, and students fail to realize that they were wrong. In such case if the IIT itself presents the correct answer key, it will be very helpful for the aspirants.

What do you think about these historic changes? Do you think these changes are helpful for the aspirants? Or do you think that the earlier process was better?

Via Hindustan Times


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