an initiative to fight HIV by making Condoms more acceptable

HIV is one of the most serious issues in India, there are several campaigns, government initiatives and much more being run to fight HIV, I recently found this site after watching an ad film, and I am sure even you would have seen that parrot talking about condoms and HIV.

According to the about page of –

“ is part of a mass media condom campaign to prevent transmission of HIV in India. The BBC World Service Trust produced a mass media campaign to make condoms more acceptable to prevent transmission of HIV in the high prevalence states of Andhra Pradesh, Kamataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.

Using distinct, rigorously researched and tested television and radio advertisements, outdoor media and on the ground activity, the campaign met its objectives of changing attitudes and perceptions towards condoms.

The focus of the campaign was to get men to talk about condoms, as this has a positive effect on use, and position condoms as a product that men use to show they are responsible and care about themselves and their families. Making condoms more acceptable in a society where they are taboo is in itself a huge communication challenge. But it was converted into an opportunity through an interactive campaign strategy, whereby audiences became participants.

Our values were those of ‘talking’ and smartness’. As a result, our campaign tagline communicated that “those who talk are winners” or in Hindi Jo Bola Wohi Sikander, and “those who understand are winners” (Jo Samjha Wohi Slkander). The campaign’s mascot was an animated parrot who is smart, pesky, has an opinion on everything and a sense of humour.

The campaign ran in four phases starting from December 2007. It reached 150 million men between the ages of 15-49 across India. More men discussed condoms as a result of the campaign, and were less embarrassed to buy condoms. A greater proportion now think that the use of condoms reflects smart and responsible behaviour.

The campaign has received global recognition. It won a Gold at the Festival of Media, Valencia 2009. While at the prestigious Cannes Lion 2009 International Advertising Festival it won a Bronze Lion in the Media category and was a Finalist in the Direct Response category.

The BBC World Service Trust is the international charity of the BBC. Created in October 1999, the Trust uses the creative power of media to achieve development goals. It works in 43 countries around the world using a variety of approaches including television and radio drama, advertisements and journalism training. You can find out more about the work of the Trust at:”

This website also has a ringtone to promote the use of Condoms, and wallpapers.

wallpapers @

Also there is a quick quiz which helps you to stop hesitating to use the condoms.

questions take away the hesiatation of using condoms @

There is more fun stuff on this website and all this is free, so go ahead and download and play around and educate others about this campaign.


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