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There have been times when we want our questions to be answered at the same time. You want to know the address of a hospital or just a meaning of some word, or you want to know the list of the best colleges in America or the best restaurants in an unknown city. Youwant to know the oldest website or when will maruti cervo launch?  Ask Birbal is there to answer you.

Ankit Bajaj and Sulabh Chhabra, the two Chief Birbals are the master mind behind the service provided to us. Launched in April 2009 the master blasters started with an aim to make it easy for the common mass by answering to their queries within few seconds. It’s a free mobile service that answers you. You just need to pay for the normal text message charges. The duo has really started an excellent service. They might have themselves got stuck somewhere and wanted an answer.

Ask Birbal

Ask Birbal

Just save the number and Ask Birbal @ +91 9650607080

List of some of the popular categories –

  1. Customer Service
  2. Education
  3. Language & Look up
  4. Arts & Entertainment
  5. Business and many more.

Do you want to be a part of Ask Birbal?

Ask Birbal gives you a chance of joining their team. They have a column “Expert Registration”. You need to feel up an application form and undergo a quiz by mailing back the answers to them. Rest is in the hands of Ask Birbal.

It’s true that today’s generation is dependant totally on machines and mobile is the most friendly one. Gone are the days when the contact numbers were saved in our human brains. Now it’s all in the memory card. You want somebody to remind you of your task, your mobile is there for you. And if you get a number that answers most of your questions who will not grasp for it?

Ask Birbal is currently undergoing beta testing and technology development. And so if you try to ask a question they might fail to answer. But hope that their service starts soon helping the general mass.

I tried to find some answer to my question. And it’s surprising that the message that came in my mobile for some question was “ask birbal is currently system up gradation to serve you better. We shall be live in action from March 1st 2010.” It’s really surprising to receive such sms standing on 6th April 2010. I hope they must be trying to fix this error.

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One comment

  1. Hi Nidhi

    I am Swatika Malhotra from AskBirbal Pvt Ltd.

    First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for writing about us in your post.

    Yes, We have fixed the error and I am excited to tell you that Ask Birbal has now launched its Full Service and is currently serving 100s of answers every day.

    Please go ahead and try this service by simply messaging your queries to 9650607080 and get answers free.

    So Keep Asking!!!


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