How to Apply for Birth Certificate Online

It is a widespread issue that a child is denied access to all the ancillary services like education and health care if it is found that he or she does not have a birth certificate. As that child grows up, lack of such identification and support will ultimately make their life much more difficult. In this post, we will share how you can apply for a Birth Certificate online.

The Registrar General, India, is the central authority to unify and coordinate the registration work in the country. One of the significant challenges in promoting birth and death registration in the country is the low importance given to the registration work from either the Health Department or the Local Self Government Department (Panchayat Department). Another primary reason is the lack of awareness about birth registration in our country.

“Birth registration is a permanent and official record of a child’s existence. The child who is not registered at birth is in danger of being denied the right to an official identity, a recognized name” – UNICEF.

If you do not officially register your child’s birth within 21 or 30 days, it will become tough to get admission for them in school or college later on. Not only this, down the line, but it also becomes even more challenging to claim the right of marriage.

It is a rule that all those who are born after 26 January 1989 need to compulsorily provide a birth certificate when applying for an Indian passport.

Who Can Issue Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate

Urban Areas: The Deputy Health Officer in the Municipal Corporation is the competent authority to issue the certificate. In case the deputy health officer is not available, the sub-registrar is authorized to provide the same.

Rural Areas: Every village has a Para-medical staff that is authorized to issue such a certificate. Apart from this, the Tehsildar at the Taluka level is also authorized to issue this certificate. If none of the above is possible, the person can simply visit the Gram Panchayat Office and obtain their child’s birth certificate.

Required Documents to get Birth Certificate

An affidavit is the most important document needed to get the birth certificate. Apart from this, there are a few more documents that are compulsory for the process. These are:-

  • Class 10th mark sheet/ school leaving certificate
  • PAN Card/Adhaar Card/Driving License/Voter ID
  • Any Address Proof
  • Photos of the child and his/her parents.

The documents mentioned above will be cross-checked by the Magistrate, after which he will issue an affidavit with a notary stamp to register and issue the birth certificate. 


The government does not charge for the issuance of birth certificate if it was registered within 21 days of birth. However, it is essential to note that NABC, i.e., Non-Availability of Birth Certificate, is chargeable. The cost varies from state to state, and the payment is to be made through cash or Demand Draft.

How to Apply for Birth Certificate Online

  • Visit the official website of Municipal Corporation of your respective state. [For example, if you are from Delhi, visit: ]
  • Register oneself on the official website for which one’s Aadhaar Card or Voter ID.
  • A form in the name of “issuance of delayed birth order” will be available. Fill it with valid details.
  • One should upload the Scanned copy of Address Proof, ID Proof, and other requisite documents required.
  • Once all the documents are uploaded, the payment can be made through Debit Card or Credit Card. One can also opt for direct payment at the office.
  • Once the entire procedure is completed, you will get a reference number.
  • The registrar will verify your application, and you will receive a message about the date and time of your appointment. It is essential to be present on the given date and time to get proof of your birth.

Just like a birth certificate, having a marriage certificate is also essential. You can read about the importance of the marriage certificate and how to register one’s marriage here.


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