How to Apply Online for New Driving Licence or Renew or Update Address or Mobile number or New leaner License

Do you need to apply for a Learner Licence? Do you need to Renew or Update the address or mobile number in the existing Driving Licence? Then there is no need to go to the RTO Office anymore. You can apply it online thanks to the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways to roll out this process. This post will guide you through the process.

How to Apply Online for New Driving Licence or Renew or Update Address or Mobile number or New leaner License

Apply Online for New Driving Licence or Renew or Update Address or Mobile number or New leaner Licence

  • Check Status of Driving Licence
  • Visit Parivahan Website to avail services.
  • DL Renewal
  • Get Learner’s Licence
  • Apply for Fresh Licence
  • Apply for International Driving Permit online.

Make sure to have valid documents like Aadhaar, Voter ID card, or any address and photo-id proof that you will need to upload to the website.

Before we start, all these details came from @dakuwithchaku. You can read more about his experience here.

Check Status of Driving Licence:

RTO in your state has already digitized your licence if you already see it on apps like DigiLocker, but if not, you can resolve this.

Follow this link to know your driving license status—type in the number, Date of Birth, and verification code.

Change DL Status Online

If you have an old DL card that is not online, then you can use the following format:


  • SS – Two character State Code (like RJ for Rajasthan, TN for Tamil Nadu, etc.)
  • RR – Two-digit RTO Code
  • YYYY – 4-digit Year of Issue

For Example: If the year is mentioned in 2 digits, say 99, it should be converted to 1999. Similarly, use 2012 for 12

The rest of the numbers are to be given in 7 digits. If there are fewer digits, then additional 0’s(zeros) may be added to make the total 7.

For example: If the Driving Licence Number is RJ-13/DLC/12/ 123456, then please enter RJ-1320120123456 OR RJ13 20120123456.

Visit Parivahan Website to avail services.

If everything is fine, i.e., your DL is registered online. You can then use the services on the website after selecting your respective state. Here is the complete list:

  • Apply for Learner Licence
  • Apply for Driving Licence
  • Apply for DL Renewal
  • Apply for Duplicate DL
  • Apply for Change of Address
  • Apply for International Driving Permit (IDP)
  • DL Extract
  • Update Mobile number
  • Add Services to an existing Application.
  • Service Withdraw
  • DL Services (Replace of DL/Others)
  • Add Class of Vehicles to an Application
  • Appointments
  • DL Search
  • Application Status
  • Check Payment Status
  • Upload Document
  • Fee Payments

DL Renewal

Click on Apply for DL renewal to visit the application form. You will need to fill the form, upload documents, upload a photo, add a signature scan, test slot booking. Once done, you can make the payment, print the receipt.

The first step here is to enter DL and DOB details. Once all the details are available, you can then choose the RTO. In the next screen, you can enter other details such as mobile number, email id, personal details, address.

In the final steps, you will be asked to upload all related documents and then make the payment.

The biggest catch here is that if a license renewal of a person for more than 40 years is to be done, a medical certificate is mandatory to be signed & stamped by the doctor. It’s called Form 1A, which can be downloaded from there.

Get Learner’s Licence

When applying for this, you will have three options. First is where you do not have any earlier LL or DLL, second when you have a DL, and the third option, which means the applicant Holds Learner License. Select the first one, pay the fees, get an appointment for a test, and you are done.


Apply for Fresh Licence

The process is similar to the above, where you need to fill in all personal details, including address proof, name, phone number, email address. Followed by this, you can upload the supporting documents and then book a test date.

  • Fill Applicant Details
  • Upload Documents
  • Upload Photo and Signature if required (applicable for only some states)
  • DL Test Slot Booking (applicable for only some states)
  • Payment of Fee
  • Verify the Pay Status
  • Print the receipt

This is a centralized website so that it would be the same for all states. Some services may differ state-wise. Read instructions carefully, and you would be good to go. Once your DL is printed, they will update the Post Office of India PNR number. Don’t worry if the same doesn’t reflect on their website for tracking. DL, once printed, will reach you in 7-10 days approx. Also, you cannot collect the same from Post Office.


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