Is ATM only a machine ? A short glance of it’s different services

Those days are gone when Automated Teller Machine (ATM)  used to be known as just a cash dispensation machine. Now the use of ATM’s has widened by offering multitude transactions like utility bill payments, cash deposit, mobile recharge, fund transfer, E-ticketing, Credit Card payment, Fees payment of various institution & trusts  etc. Leading insurance companies like LIC, SBI Life Insurance etc. started providing the facility of paying  renewal premium through selected ATM’s as well. 

Apart from withdrawing cash you can also deposit cash at the ATM. You can check you account balance. Request for cheque book, change you PIN number, transfer fund if the debit card is linked with several accounts. 

Bill Payment facility is the most important service, the ATM’s are providing saving your time from standing in the long Que. Once registered with your bank you can pay your electricity bills, mobile bills, pay insurance premiums. You can recharge your mobile avoiding yourself depending upon the vendors. 

Though Banks are providing customers variety of Services through ATM but people are yet to optimize those services due to ignorance or fear of any complicacy. But now the Central Bank (RBI) has also put in place various regulations to assure customers proper service and assistance. All ATMs are now connected through phone lines to the Bank’s central helpline or Phone Banking Department for any sort of complaints. Detail instructions are also posted in proper  place in every ATM counter regarding lodging complain and proper resolution is also tracked by their own customer service module. 

With the recent regulations of RBI ATMs are widely started getting used as now customers are allowed to use other Bank’s ATMs as well free of cost with some limitations. This will definitely help customers to save their valuable time and energy by optimization of these services.


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