Australian Coffee Giants coming to India next year

For all coffee lovers like me, here is great news for you all. After Cafe Coffee Day and Barista very soon you will have Australian coffee giants – bb’s cafe and The Coffee Club – in India by next year. BB’s Cafe promises to offer you quality products at reasonable price.  On the second-hand The Coffee Club offers coffee liquor and gourmet cuisine.

BB’s Cafe

BB’s signature coffee blended in ground Arabic beans has been their speciality since last 25 years. The most interesting thing is that they offer it as your own test. That’s what there underline says – just the way you like it. The variety of bb’s cafe ranges from hot to cold beverages, gourmet bread, salads to light meals. You can also treat your love with their sweet treats.  Visit their official site .

BB’s Cafe – Just the way you like it

BB’s Cafe – Just the way you like it

The Coffee Club

The Coffee Club offers you few take home recipes. They have cafe bar restaurants, wide range of coffee drinks and also premium leaf teas. You can also know how to harvest coffee and tea here

The Coffee Club – Where will i meet you?

The Coffee Club – Where will i meet you?

The Coffee Club is Australia’s largest coffee group. They are planning to start with three outlets in major cities in India by 2010 end. BB’s cafe is confident to accept the challenge of the UK based Costa Coffee – Cafe Coffee Day and Barista.

This is definitely a good news for Coffee lovers as they get more choice and I guess they should also benefit from the price because of healthy competition. It’s also going to be tough on part of CCD and Barista but I am sure they will be able to keep up being a long time player in the market.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to frame out your special moments with any one of the following brand of your own choice –

  • BB’s Cafe –  just the way you like it.
  • Cafe Coffee Day – a lot can happen over coffee.
  • Barista –  cheers to coffee
  • The Coffee Club –  where will i meet you?

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