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Revamp your wardrobe without buying new clothes

Old Sari to New Sari

We get bored of our clothes after wearing them over years. Or it sometimes happens that our wardrobe is full of clothes and yet we don’t have anything to wear. Our pocket does not allow us to buy anything new or we simply do not want to buy anything.  One attire which can be revamped according to our taste without ...

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How To Design Your Own Garment ?

How to design a suite in step

Clothes come in a variety today.Often one does not like something or has something in mins which she wants to wear.It also happens that our pocket does not allow a designer wear or we do not see that particular thing we have in our mind in the market. So the best thing to do is make the garment ourselves!! Here ...

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How important it is to take adequate care of your clothes?

Laundary Day

Once textile fabrics have been produced and fabricated into apparel or any other finished product it has to ultimately restored by either laundering or dry-cleaning.Sometimes initially bleaching or simply ironing is also a method depending on the nature of the product. If one skips this hygienic process of cleaning it is not a pleasant experience. Every individual has personal experiences ...

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Ethnic Wear and India

Culture? If one is to define this word she or he can come with so many words. According to the dictionary  this word refers to a state of logical development or manners-I feel it is all about society,customs,traditions,ethnicity way of life that influence the growth of a human being . Indian culture is rich and diverse and is very inimitable. ...

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Fashion World not behind in putting forward its hand for HAITI

The tragedy in Haiti has affected a lot and many have given money for relief. Diane von Furstenberg, President of the Council of Fashion Designers of America has come up with an idea to send a message and create a channel for funding from fashion as an industry. In response to the devastating January 12 earthquake in Haiti, the fashion ...

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Fashion Trend : Chic and Exclusive in 2010

It’s time to take a look at the trends and styles for 2010. The beginning of a year is always exciting with new year to begin with and what makes it even more so is the glamour world. As we examine  the structure of fashion trends 2010, we find a desire for something different  to be contributed to the ultimate ...

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