Author: Nidhi Paul

  • High TDS for missing PAN

    From 1st April 2010 income Tax of India is going to impose Extra % on TDS in case of missing PAN (Permanent Account No) in any financial transaction where TDS is involved. PAN has to be mentioned in all financial transaction between two entities where TDS is involved , failing which the Tax deducting authority […]

  • Selling Aluminium cans to help for wedding

    Wedding cans

    We have heard couples doing all the crazy things for love. But have you heard a couple collecting aluminum cans to help themselves for their wedding? To add here it’s not only love for them but also for the environment. The couple from Spokane, Washington, Pete, and Andrea is collecting aluminum cans to help to […]

  • What’s new in Food at Kolkata in Twenty Ten

    Kolkata Food

    What’s new for all the food lovers of Kolkata this year?  Kolkata has never disappointed the food lovers. Chowringhee and Park Street are the most common hang out places of the Calcuttans. When it comes to the cooking specialty of Calcutta, Kathi rolls (kebabs wrapped in dough) genuinely deserve a special mention. What’s new in Food at […]

  • Solar Power Mission in India – National Solar Mission

    National Solar Mission India

    Can you imagine the cost of producing solar electricity to Rs 4-5 per unit? Can you imagine buying a solar home lighting system?  The Government of India has announced the National Solar Mission. The mission, which is part of NAPCC (National Action Plan on Climate Change), aims to promote the development and use of solar […]