Author: Nidhi Paul

  • Breast Cancer Awareness: The Pink Ribbon Initiative

    October is celebrated as Breast Cancer Awareness month to make both men and women aware so they can diagnose it early, support people already suffering from this unfortunate disease and in hope that a cure for this is found soon. Breast Cancer Awareness: The Pink Ribbon Initiative What is Breast Cancer? Why October is celebrated […]

  • Myths about Fat. The fat you can eat and avoid

    Fat good bad

    People are getting more conscious with regard to their gain in weight. Going to gyms, aerobics and doing crash dieting is most commonly found in today’s generation. It’s a good sing being health conscious and doing the beat to keep yourself fit with the busy schedule. But if you are trying to totally discard from […]

  • World of Tantra: Buy Tantra T-shirts Online

    India’s biggest T-shirt brand has always reflected the scenes from daily life that you might have avoided — traveling from India’s market to the western audience, the duo viz. Mariwala and Ramchandani have very well tried to reflect humor from the daily mundane. In short, this duo has tried to portray India on the t-shirt. […]

  • Get your old Sneakers repaired, colored, cleaned and washed with Shoe Laundry/ShoeVival service

    Sneakers Repaired Cleaned Colored

    Sounds weird but many people are indeed paying for getting their sneakers cleaned or even repaired. Many of us don’t like wearing dirty sneakers and don’t know how to get it properly cleaned. Either we manage with those dirty ones or throw away. Seeing this Mumbai-based Sandeep Gajaka gave birth to the idea of Shoe […]

  • Dance Institutes in India and abroad

    Best Dance Institutes in India and abroad

    I wrote about Types of Indian dance and promised to show up a few lists of colleges and places where you can learn Indian Dance. I am sure there are many, but I have handpicked a few of them. If you have any which you think is worthy, let me know, and we will add […]

  • Aloo Badam Recipe: Spicy dish made of Potato and Peanuts

    Are you tired of having Aloo Posto and want to try something different? Please try aloo badam to have a different taste altogether. It’s simple, easy, and quick to cook as your Aloo Posto. Here I am sharing my Mom’s Best Aloo Badam Recipe. Its a spicy dish made of Potato and Peanuts and can […]

  • How to verify if a PAN card is valid or invalid?

    verify PAN valid invalid

    PAN (Permanent account No )is a 10 Digit Alphanumeric No issued by Govt. of India to individuals, firms or Companies, etc. primarily for Income Tax purpose. It is also used in India as a photo ID proof of an individual. It can be used at multiple places as a supporting document along with Aadhar and […]

  • Hang out trip to Shankarpur and Mandarmani

    Trip Shankarpur Mandarmani

    In today’s work culture, many of us don’t get ample leave from our work due to immense work pressure. Hence we prefer to take a break for a couple of days for refreshment, which quite helps to freshen up our mind or to boost up from our monotonous daily routine. Unlike all other metro cities, […]

  • Mochar Ghonto Recipe : Dish made from Banana flower

    Mochar Ghonto Recipe : Dish made from Banana flower

    Mocha is the banana blossom (flower)  or also called a banana heart that grows at the end of the stem holding the cluster of banana. It’s deep cherry color when you go to buy it and needs a good cleaning process before cooking. This unique food is not only into Bengali food but also loved […]

  • Types of Dance Styles in India

    DANCE is a lucid expression of human beings. Like INDIAN Culture dances are also diverse. It’s an art where you can express without words also. The essential feature in classical dances is the use of mudras or hand gestures. In this post, we will share the types of dance styles in India. Theses gestures help […]