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Classroom Etiquettes for Teachers

School children in India

Now the teachers also need to learn etiquettes while speaking to the students. The Church of North India (CNI) has recommended that the teachers while dealing with the students should be careful with the words they throw out. Recent suicides by two students has made the CNI alert about the teacher-student interaction. As per the CNI the teachers need to ...

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Thinking which career to take in India ? Ask Mentorpolis

The present competitive world has made today’s generation responsible to select the right path. And at times we fail to take decision. Either to go abroad for further studies or opt for job? We all need mentors to assist us. Passed the higher secondary and confused what to select next? Or completed graduation and unable to opt the best for ...

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An Innovative idea to answer your questions

Ask Birbal

There have been times when we want our questions to be answered at the same time. You want to know the address of a hospital or just a meaning of some word, or you want to know the list of the best colleges in America or the best restaurants in an unknown city. Youwant to know the oldest website or ...

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Wish Smart Coating comes to India

Smart Roof Coating

Can you imagine of a coating on your roof that will adjust itself with the external temperature and keep the internal environment soothing and you keep your ac switched off to save on bills ? At the 239th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS) in San Francisco the miracle roof coating has been discussed. Ben Wen, Ph.D., leader ...

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Carctol : Ayurvedic treatment for Cancer


With more than 40 years of experience, Jaipur based Dr Nand Lal Tiwari has come up with a new medicine for cancer patients. His new research, Carctol is purely ayurvedic and Dr Tiwari claims it to “the most trusted medicine for better lives” which can be used for the treatment of any form of cancer. Carctol has been fisrt discussed ...

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Remember Saheed Diwas ?

Bhagat Singh

On 23rd March 1931 our young heroic leader BHAGAT SINGH along with Rajguru and Sukhdev was hanged. These heroic leaders were hanged a day before the assigned day because the British officials were afraid of the revolts that would have occurred on the appointed day.  March 23 is celebrated at MARTYR’S DAY to pay honor to our great leaders who ...

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Maharaja Express – A Luxurious Travel arrangement of Indian Railway

Luxury Travel in India

Indian Railway is going to provide a new comfort of traveling for national and International tourists soon after the announcement of Maharaja Express. So get prepared to spend around A Lac if want to travel with Royal comfort. On next Saturday i.e on 20/03/2010 Railway Minister Smt. Mamata Banerjee is going to flag out the first Maharaja Express from Kolkata ...

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Pepsi Get Active program : Low Calorie & Less obesity

Diet Pepsi

PEPSI have decided to stop the sell of its sugared beverages in primary and secondary schools by 2012. PEPSI aims to fight against the increasing obesity among the school going children. Pepsi is gearing towards the global campaign of GET ACTIVE programme where they are encouraging towards nutrition education. As per PepsiCo CEO and Chairman Indira Nooyi “We have long ...

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Baba Ramdev and Politics : Will the combo work ?

Politics and Religion

Baba Ramdev who had been teaching and making people healthy around the globe, is now planning to clean Indian Political System after getting his YOGA acknowledged successfully in India & also in various other part of the Globe. After getting the huge success in Yoga world, Baba is now determined to clean the society to reduce the economic difference of ...

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Panalties for Doctors accepting gifts [ MCI ]

MCI (Medical Council of India) has outlined a set of penalties for the doctors who accept cash, credit, gifts from the pharmaceutical companies. Any incentive above Rs 10000 will be penalising the doctors. The MCI has framed a set of penalties detail below – As per the President of MCI, Mr Ketan Desai “doctors were not expected to take any ...

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