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Ganesh Chaturthi – When, Why and How

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration.

India is the land of festivals and celebrations. Nowadays, the people of India is celebrating the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. It is the main festival of Maharastra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andra Pradesh and many parts of the country. This festival is dedicated to Lord Ganesh also known as “Ganpati”.Let us discuss its celebration and importance. In this post, we will ...

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How is Karwa Chauth celebrated?

Karwa Chauth Moon

India is called the land of festivals. Many festivals celebrated throughout the country. One of them is Karwa Chauth. Let us discuss something about Karwa Chauth. It is a day-long fast undertaken by married Hindu women who offer prayers seeking the welfare, prosperity, well-being, and long life of their husbands. When is Karwa Chauth celebrated? The festival is basically marked ...

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How to book LPG Cylinder for Preferred Time Delivery

Book LPG Preferred Time

India is one of the countries where the gas cylinder is an important thing. It can be found in every Indian kitchen. Home delivery of LPG cylinders in India is the most extensive system in the world. Domestic LPG is a highly subsidized product being used by over 11.5 crore people across the country. It includes more than 50% of ...

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Cervical Cancer and its symptoms

Are you aware of Cervical Cancer? It is second most common cancer among the women worldwide with more than 0.5 million new cases and 2,60,000 death per year globally. Of these, almost 80 percent of cases occur in the middle and lower-income countries. In this post, I will share about symptoms, how you can avoid it, get a vaccine against ...

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Necessary health checkup Women should get done

Women Health

Women are the pillar of any family. They contribute a lot to the society, her own house and of course to the nation. But we, the women always tend to ignore our health very often. It may be due to lack of time, many times due to our lethargy and more often than not because we don’t take it seriously. ...

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India is celebrating 11th November as the National Education Day

National Education Day India

Education has become one of the essential things in any one’s life. It is necessary to create an awareness of people responsibilities and willing to contribute to the growth of the nation and as well as well being of society. The development and growth of a country depending on the citizens of that country. If the people of the country ...

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Navratri (Durga Puja): What all Nine Days mean?

Navratri Nine Days mean

When is Navratri in 2019? Navratri is the nine-day festival dedicated to Devi Durga by Hindus all over India. The nine days represent the nine form of Goddess Durga, and its a new night for Durga for the next nine days. These nine forms are worshipped throughout India. In 2019, Shardiya Navratri is in between 29th September – 8th October ...

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ShivKhori: Natural cave of Lord Shiva

Guide ShivKhori Caves

Jammu and Kashmir have many pilgrimages places like Amarnath, Vasihnodevi, Baba Dhansar, etc. One of them is Shiv Khori ( Khori means cave ) in the Ranso Village of  Udhampur district, Jammu.  Though not much talked about it has one of the best natural caves and naturally developed idols of gods. We happened to visit Shiv Khodi last month on ...

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How to perform Teej Puja?

India is one of the countries where festivals have special meaning and are threaded so much into our culture that you would fall in love with them. Today we will be talking about the Festival Teej, which is special for every Indian woman. In this post, I am sharing step by step guide to perform Teej Puja. How to perform ...

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