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Celebrate 15 October as Global handwashing day

Do you Wash Your Hands

Every year more than 3.5 million children under the age of five died due to the diarrhea diseases and acute respiratory infections.This is the result of unhygienic and lack of cleanness.On 15th of October India is celebrating Global hand washing day.Hand washing with soap is an effective and one of the cheapest way to prevent from the infectious diseases. Do ...

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Why and How of Mahalaya

Mahalaya Tarpan

According to the Hindu calendar, 15 days in the month of September-October is dedicated to our ancestor and it is called as Pitra Paksha. It generally falls in the Bhadrapada (hindi month). This year it starts on 23rd of september and ends on  observed on 7th of October 2010. Mahalaya is the last day of Pitra Paksha. Why it is Observed: ...

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Indian Trains expanding to Five Digit Numbers

Railway 5 Digit Scheme

Indian trains are the life line of the country. Every day more than 10,000 trains running through out the country.From the month of December you will be able to hear five digit train number till now the train number is of 4 digit. According to the Indian Railway ministry: The Indian Railways will switch over to a five-digit numbering system ...

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Emergency medical services on your mobile : Tata Indicom

TI Dr on Call

Mobile has become a necessity in our daily life as every one carries a mobile phone including the young children.It is not only the thing that is used to make and receive the calls but its role expand a lot.They serve as a communication tool used to send  and receive messages,  listen to music, surf the internet and even play mobile ...

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Handy tips when in Kitchen

Kitchen Tips

Kitchen is the place where women spend most of their time. Apart from keeping the kitchen clean, some tips from our mothers and mother in laws always come handy.Today, I would like to share some handy tips for your kitchen which will definitely prove useful  to you. Green bananas will ripen quickly if kept in the paper bag in the ...

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10 easy steps to practice good hygiene

Good hygiene

Hygiene is an old concept related to medicine, as well as to personal and professional care practices related to most aspects of living. It generally means the practice that prevent infections, spread of disease causing organism etc. So here are the some steps that helps you to maintain your hygiene. Kitchen is the place from where most germ spread in ...

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Mobile numbers starting from 8!

India is the country where the mobile market are growing   day by day.Every Indian is trying to grab a mobile phone connection as it is become one of the necessity.To keep this fact in mind TRAI is decided to launched the series of mobile  number starting from 8 instead of 9. According to TRAI, India has 415 million cellular subscribers at the ...

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Simple tips to boost your Wellness Quotient

I Love My Job

Do you want to tackle your work with greater ease, feel more alert and not have to drag yourself out of bed every morning? Get on to this super simple energy boosting plan and add more energy to your day every day. So here are some simple ways to start your day and push up your physical and mental levels ...

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By 2020, Breast cancer to overtake Cervical cancer in India

Breast Cancer vs Cervical Cancer India

India is one of the country where the cases of breast cancer and cervical cancer found every day, this is because of the lack of  health knowledge among the Indian women.They are not conscious  about their health. However every Indian women should take part in the awareness campaigns which is conducted by the government. They are also planning the scheme  under  ...

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World Breast Feeding week : (August 1-7)

Breast Feeding

 Today,the World is celebrating Breast feeding week ( August 1 -7). Breast feeding is the first thing that every newly born baby wants to do. It  is the feeding of an infant or young child with breast milk directly from female human breasts  rather than from a baby bottle or other container. Babies have a sucking reflex that enables them to ...

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