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How to Prevent becoming a Diabetic


In India alone, there were 40 million people with diabetices. In order to battle it you have to first understand it. First of all it’s a long life condition. For sugar to reach the body’s cells,these first have to be unlock by insulin. By 2025, India might become the diabetic capital of the world. Making the situation more complex, most ...

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Stressed ? Take a cup of sweet drinks

Sweet Drinks

Indians are the fond of  sweets and the products made up of sweets. There is a good news for the sweet drinks lover. As per the new study sweet drinks such as sugary tea, coffee  help to reduce stress at work, and make people less likely to be aggressive. According to the IANS reports: The energy boost provided by the ...

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Things to know before buying bedsheets

BedSheet Shop

After a daylong toil what a human being needs the most is a cosy bed to sleep.But the bed would be cosy only when it has a comfortable bedsheet on it. Just rembember that days when all the bedsheets are usually white in colour.But now , time has changed and the taste of the people has also changed. In the ...

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Air quality monitoring system for CWG

Air Pollution from Vehicles

This is a great time for every Indians as the countdowns begins for the Common wealth games 2010 starting from Oct 3 in New delhi. The opening ceremony is scheduled to take place at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Delhi. It will also be the first time the Commonwealth Games will be held in India. To make the event pollution ...

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E-Toll system coming soon in India


Most of the car owner have the problem of waiting in the queue of very slow moving cars at a toll booth. Now soon these long queue and the slow process of collection will soon become history.India will soon experience a  uniform electronic toll collection system on its national highways, increasing the revenue, curbing leakages and ensuring smooth travel across the ...

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How to keep your kitchen really clean

Keep Kitchen Clean

In India Kitchen is a place where women spend most of her time. Cleaning up the kitchen is part of cooking. Not only is it easier to cook and bake in a clean kitchen, but clean surfaces and storage containers will keep your family healthier and safer. Washing, chopping, grinding, boiling, baking…considering the amount of work that done in your ...

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Plants you can choose for your bathroom

Bathroom plants

Over the past few years, the bathroom is one room in the house that has gone under the various changes in India. Some house owner may flourish their fancy bathroom with counter top made up of semi precious stones and with expensive gadgetry, but every one cannot afford to change’s their bathroom with the expensive accessories. However Plants can be ...

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Dress yourself according to the Day

Dress day

In Indian astrology, colour and crystal therapies have been used since ancient times for healing mind, body and spirit. They bring unique energies into our lives and help us to peacefully follow our life path and give us the wisdom to learn from and understand the journey. Most of the colours have their own traditional meaning and it add the ...

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R-Fi mobile updates about your kid’s school activity

R-Fi tech

Now a day’s education put too much pressure on student as well as on the parents. As far as education goes it becomes more competitive and every parent expects that their child could do better. For the progress and the success of the child parents willing to do any thing.  To keep this fact in mind an IT company Pinnacle ...

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Fifa World cup in 3D, When is Cricket getting that


There is good news for the lover of Football. Now, you can enjoy your favourite matches of FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 on Espn 3D. According to the FIFA director of Tv, Niclas Ericson said ” We wanted to make sure the key matches would be in the production schedule. The first ever World Cup match broadcast in 3-D will be ...

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