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Five ways to clean your Carpets

Clean Carpets

Carpet is one of the important things in home furnishing. Carpet have offer protection, serve as matting, wall covering and add decors to the home .Your Carpet may be look good in your home but  they won’t be once they start to accumulate dust, dirt, and stains .Because of these dirt and dust one may cause allergy or even asthma. ...

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Free photocopies / xerox for the students : PhokatCopy

PhokatCopy A4

Photocopies are very common among students. A lot of money is spent on the printing and photocopies in various colleges and institutions for college or tuition notes. Seeing this Harsh Narang, a 5th  year student in Master of Technology Program, Delhi brings a  great business idea Phokatcopy , which provides  photocopies to student free of cost or at very nominal price ...

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Dos and don’ts in Pregnancy

Pregnancy clothes

Pregnancy is the most important phase in the woman’s life and most exciting experience that a women can ever have. The thought of a small child developing inside the womb is so exicting The life of a woman changes a lot after the child is born. During pregnancy a lot of changes happening in the women’s body and according to them the ...

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One charger for all mobile hand sets : Coming Soon

Typical Mobile Charges Stand in India

In India since mobile handsets are not bonded to operators most of time a family does have 4 kind of handsets or even a person might be carrying two or more mobile and then we need to carry two or more chargers along. In fact you can even find a charger stand in airports, café etc. Keeping this in mind, According to the ...

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Best beaches for a long holiday

Scotland Beach

Everyone has their own interpretation for the best vacation spots in the world. Some would like to explore the world by air, land etc., but few people loves to explore the world by water. A day at a beach is great but better stills is a long weekend when you have the time to experience something thing different and unique ...

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Helicopter services to promote Kashmir Tourism

Kashmir Valley

Kashmir is the most popular tourist destination in India because of its flora, fauna and its magical climate and natural beauty, specially Srinagar, Sonmarg, Gulmarg and PahalaGaon. It is known as the- Paradise on Earth. Once a person visits Kashmir it remains unforgettable memory forever. The government of Jammu and Kashmir has introduced helicopter services to promote the tourism in the ...

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How to make lip smacking Fruit Custard

Fruit Custard

Here is the lip smacking dessert for you that you can have after a spicy meal. The preparation of this dessert is very easy and also  one of the most loving dish for the kids. Get started and try at home. Ingredients for Fruit Custard This is to serve  6 to 8 persons. Milk : One litre Custard powder : ...

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Look good, Feel good but Naturally

Look Good Feel Good

Every person has a wish to look beautiful whether male or female. The experience of beauty often involves the Understanding of some thing as being in balance and harmony with nature, which may lead to feelings of attraction and emotional well-being. Some people may think that it’s a bit superficial and vain, but a beautiful face always attracts lots of people. ...

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Top 10 newspaper in India


By the late of 1990’s the availability of news and other information via electronics news channels and then Internet stood an on going challenge to the business model of Newspaper in developed countries. However Indian is one of the countries where digital media is yet to take over the genration and reading newspaper with a cup of tea still rules the ...

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TCS to develop e-Passport for India

Indian Passport

The government of India is planning to issue electronic passport to its citizen. It will  contain a security chip with personal data and digital images, including finger prints of that person carrying such passport and it will have 64KB chip with a photograph of passport holder. The passport will issue in 3 days only. The new passport is entirely designed ...

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