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Top performing Mutual funds

Top Performing Mutul Fund

Mutual Fund is an instrument of investing money. Nowadays, bank rates are goes down and the position of the stock market is not very stable. Therefore, neither  keeping large amounts of money in bank  nor the money investing in the stock market is an good option because as in real terms the value of money decreases over a period of time. ...

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Top 5 TV programs on Star plus according to TRP

India is the country where television has its own importance.  There are 515 channels available in the country. Every women whether housewives as well as the working women like to see their favorite programs on time. Infact now a days men are also much intrested in watching the story of various shows.  Star plus is one of the main hindi  channels ...

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Best eating places in Kolkata !!

Kolkata is called the city of  joy because of its people,  human values, traditions, art , music, lights, culture and of course the food.Every city has some specialty in food but in Kolkata you will found all types of food.Here is the list of best  where you can enjoy your food. Remember food is not only cheap in Kolkata but ...

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World Kidney Day and How you can take care of it

World Kidney Day

Second  Thursday of March is celebrated as the World Kidney Day. It is celebrated among 100 countries of the world. As we all know that Kidney is one of the main organ to which our body depends. But few people knows the importance of kidney and how we can protect it. So on the occasion of World Kidney Day let ...

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E-post office launched in India

ePost Office

Today is the age  of computer and internet. Various services are provide with the help of Internet to the citizen of India. Now, the Government  of India introducing one more online service for its citizen and which will do their work more easy and time saver.Wants to know what is this…This is E-post office.Let us discuss more about it. What is ...

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Don’t pay more than MRP for packaged goods.

It is usually found and even observed by many of us  that many shopkeepers  sell their product more than the printed MRP. But  is this fair to charge more than MRP.Lets discuss more about it. What is MRP ( Maximum Retail Price): Maximum Retail Price is the price of the product at which it will be sold.It is inclusive of all taxes.Retailer  ...

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Get Electric bill alert on SMS or Email ( DHBVN Haryana )

Bill Alerts on Mobile and Email

Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam (DHBVN) has started a new service for its consumer. Now the board will send your electric bill information through sms. According to the Managing Director of DHBVN: All consumer will get their electric bill information through SMS, and the information will include the amount  has to paid and the due date of the payment.DHBVN has already ...

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What got costly and what got cheaper in Union Budget 2011

On Monday 28th Feb 2011, Union Minister Pranab Mukherjee present the union budget 2011.Every Indian wants to come whats new in the union budget. Things which became cheaper: Here is the list of the things which become cheaper. LED lamps Hybrid cars Solar lanterns Agarbati Diapers Sanitary Napkins Syringe needles Mobile parts Jewellery Cement Paper Things which become expensive: Health ...

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Get the latest status of Judgetment online! ( Jharkhand )

Jharkhand Judge Case Status

Now people of  Jharkhand can get the latest status of judgement of his/her case by just log in into the website of the court. It  is one of the services that falls under the eGovernment services and is  offered by the Ministry for Justice and Home Affairs so that more people will benefit from the use of information technology and ...

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Rights and Duty of Consumers In India ( Consumer Court )

Jago Grahk Jago

Consumers are one of the important factor in the development of economy of any nation.But unfortunately many  time we  heard about the  duplicity and  cheating by way of overcharging, black marketing, misleading advertisements, etc has become the common practice of greedy sellers and manufacturers to make unreasonable profits. In this context, it is the duty of the government to confer some rights ...

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