Baba Ramdev and Politics : Will the combo work ?

Baba Ramdev who had been teaching and making people healthy around the globe, is now planning to clean Indian Political System after getting his YOGA acknowledged successfully in India & also in various other part of the Globe. After getting the huge success in Yoga world, Baba is now determined to clean the society to reduce the economic difference of people in India.

Politics and Religion

Politics and Religion

Beside refreshing people’s mind and body, Baba wants to clean politics and wants to bring back the Black money which is lying in foreign Banks estimated around 300 Lakh Crore. He is having a great and high ambition of fulfilling all 545 candidates in Loksabha constituency by 2014.

As per statistics sited by Baba , almost 40 million people in the country are starving. Illiteracy & poverty has curved in such a way that many people are still not able to earn the minimum amount to run his or her family. Baba wants to fill the gap & with this mission he has launched “ Bharat Swabhiman “. This campaign has been launched with a vision to end corrupt practices across the country.

As per Baba poor people living below the poverty line does not understand growth rate what really matters in their daily life is food and fulfilling of basis need. This basic need of every human needs to be fulfilled & this is what his dream all about.

No doubt vision of Baba is having great social value but everyone wants to see how much  it works looking at typical Indian political system & cultural diversity.

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