Barbie Doll in Indian Attire

Barbie closeup face - Indian Style

Barbie closeup face - Indian Style

Probably the days are not too far when we can see a Barbie- Doll in the Shops dressed with an ethnic Indian Sari and Bindi.

Though the statement seems to be very interesting but it’s actually going to happen in near future as UK’s famous Toy Brand “Hamleys “ is going to enter Indian market as per their Business expansion plan. Hamley’s have tied up with Reliance Retail for the Indian Market to showcase their product within the affordability of all segments of Indian customers.

According to Mr Gudjon Renisson , CEO , Hamleys  , they are developing and customizing prodducts targetting Indians and specially suitable and affordable to all Indians. He also added that they are planning to put some elements according to Indian taste. Probably world renowned Barbie-doll will be presented with an Indian attire to add on local variant.

According to Mr Gudjon, Hemleys store will provide different experience to Indian customers as the entire family can come over there and enjoy live demonstration of Toys, theatrical performances and various themes which will be created besides just selling toys like other traditional shops.

Barbie in Indian Traditional Saree Wedding Style

Barbie in Indian Traditional Saree Wedding Style

Hemleys first retail store is going to open in 22000 sq.ft phoenix Mills in Mumbai by end of March. Company is planning to cater at Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore as well later on.

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