Be aware of Internet Robbery and Scams

There is a new racket grown up in India who are trying to robbed people by sending false e-mails in your personal mail ids or through group mail Ids of Rediff, Yahoo, G-Mail etc.

This people are sending general mails to all with Subject line like “Congratulation Winner “, “ You have won Exiting Cash reward” etc & asking your all details like Full Name , DOB, Telephone No, Address, Bank Name & Account No. They are also mentioning one fictitious Name & ISD contact No of one person designated as claim processing Manager of this fictitious Transaction.

Here is a print screen of one such kind of mail which I also received from some unknown user.

Scam mails

Scam mails

Once you respond to this E-mail & give all the details as they asked for, they will mail you back with the process of settling this claim wherein they will ask you to deposit a handsome amount of money in one particular account as transaction handling charges or Bank’s charges. To creat faith they are also calling up people introducing themselves as Manager of Some fake Bank or could be a name which no one could never heard ever.

Please refrain yourself from whatever this kind of lucrative prizes which can be a big trap for yourself later.

Last month Kolkata police had caught two Nigerian guy from Gurgaon who were allegedly  involved in this kind of transaction after being reported by one women who were trapped in this and lost almost 5 – 6 Lacs in different phases.

Please inform to Police or complain through online ( Please visit official websites of Police of respective states  )in case of any such incident and also spread this to create awareness among people.

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