Become a Streetanchor, And fight for the issues around you

We come across several issues in our daily life, we often want to fight for them as well, but platform is something that is often missing. Most of the available platforms are either biased or too complex to approach and get through. is an awesome initiative, while on Twitter I came across @Streetanchor (Kapil Dhawan, Co-founder and CEO) and from there I came to know about this initiative.

So, What is – bring up and fight for the issues around you

Street Anchor

This is how is defined on the homepage – heralds a new age of mass collaboration. Upload videos & pictures of social issues around you. build communities on matters of public concern. Support causes reach out to ngos & lawyers who can help initiate action.

So, it’s like, is an online service, which helps you to highlight the issues around you and the best part is, you can support the issue with any photos or videos you have shot.

If you are new to, you can browse using the most watched, most debated, most recent etc. under the videos and photos tab.

Apart from this, there are several communities which are trying to bring up, fight or resolve an issue, you can join them and help by uploading content (a video or a photo). You can start your own community as well, for any issue.

There are several communities which are already active under the following categories –

  • law & order
  • environment
  • women empowerment
  • religion
  • consumer
  • right to information
  • political
  • interviews
  • society
  • health
  • civic
  • child rights
  • heritage
  • miscellaneous

All this can be done by going through a small sign up process. Once done with sign-up you become a Streetanchor right away, now you can participate the way you want, i.e. join a community, upload content etc. All the activities at can be performed from your profile page, there you will get all the options. also helps you to find a lawyer or a NGO which can help you further with you issue and the community based on that issue.

There are list of lawyers and NGOs which can be contacted, this list too is categorized by the type of issues, and so, it becomes easier for the user to browse through.

Why do I like –

  • Nice platform, probably the easiest way to raise a voice against any issue.
  • Awesome interface, and damn simple to use.
  • The list of NGOs and Lawyers is another attraction, which actually motivates the user.
  • Widgets to post the photos and videos to multiple social networking platforms are another awesome thing to bring people under one umbrella to fight out the issues.

So, go ahead create an account, and become a Streetanchor right away.


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